Welcome To Your First Visit

We believe your first visit should help you discover a different kind of dental experience than is commonly found in healthcare. Your first visit provides quality time to ask questions, express your concerns, and share anything you want us to know. A good start sets the tone for a relationship that honors you every time you visit us.

You’ll leave our office with more clarity about the link between your oral and general health. We’ll start the journey towards your dental goals, and we’ll explore dentistry that feels right to you.

After a tour to familiarize yourself with our modern office and friendly team, we’ll cover the following:

Looking Ahead

Whether you’re just a few months overdue or several years have gone by, you’re in the right place when you enter the Dental Wellness Center of Grass Valley.  We enjoy helping patients explore a positive future regardless of your previous history.

Dr. Rockwell will use the clinical information we gather to discuss your current condition with you. Through a process of “co-discovery,” we’ll create together a healthy, efficient plan that meets your dental and personal goals. We can carefully set priorities and step that leads to the smile you deserve within a budget and timeframe that fits your situation.

At your first visit, you’ll find that we go beyond expectations to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Your physical and emotional well-being remain our constant focus regardless of treatment goals. We look forward to a relationship with you that enhances your wellbeing for years to come.

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