CEREC – Advanced Dental Restorative System in Grass Valley

Single appointment tooth replacement!

CEREC is the most advanced dental restorative system available today. For procedures traditionally requiring a messy impression of your tooth, a temporary crown or bridge, and a second visit for placement, CEREC streamlines the process…dramatically.

In ONE visit, 3D digital images of your teeth appear on the screen and Dr. Rockwell and his team design a customized solution with innovative software. The images produce a crafted porcelain restoration through a milling process. Bonded into place minutes later, your new tooth appears and functions just as nature intended.

What does CEREC mean?

  • CHAIRSIDE: The technology sits within arm’s reach of the dental chair, and goes to work without you leaving your comfortable position.

  • ECONOMICAL: Efficient processes allow you to turn two visits into one. Less travel, less time away from work and your family.

  • RESTORATIONS: Natural beauty, function, and strength for a broad range of needs, CEREC offers a solution for nearly every scenario.

  • ESTHETIC: Metal-free materials in many shades and color variations allow a perfect blend with your teeth.

  • CERAMIC: High-strength ceramics closely replicating composition to your natural tooth structure support years of normal function.

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